Hartpury/Bishop Burton CPEDI3*


In July I competed in my first 3* international competitions on Pinocchio. Hartpury was first, and it was an incredible atmosphere to be part of, with an able bodied international and final selection for Rio Paralympics at the same time! I was a bit nervous, especially competing on a star like Noki as with that comes a certain amount of expectation, and I also rode in my first ever freestyle to music, which I loved, and I was delighted to get a 1st and two 2nds.

Two weeks later was Bishop Burton. Having recently ridden at Hartpury I felt more relaxed and knew what to expect. Noki gave me an amazing ride on each of the 3 days culminating in our best scores so far and 3 wins, with a 77% in the freestyle! I really do feel privileged every time I ride him and am learning such a lot from him, and of course from Sophie, who was with me every step of the way at each competition.