All About Izzy Palmer


I was born in Leeds in September 2000 and live with my parents, 2 younger sisters, 2 dogs and 2 siamese cats! I was diagnosed before I was one with cerebral palsy causing right sided hemiplegia. I began riding when I was just 2 yrs old as my mum has always had horses, and it served as a form of physiotherapy, teaching me to balance and use my right hand and leg. When I was 4 I got my 1st pony, a cute naughty Welsh Section A called Widget and haven’t looked back since. I had various ponies after that but always struggled to find one that I could ride with my disability. I only started doing some dressage when I was 11 on my 13.2 pony called Dunkie. We did a few unaffiliated competitions and trailblazers and I quickly fell in love with the sport!

When I was 11 we began looking for a bigger pony as I was so tall, and we were very lucky to be offered the ride on Coco, a welsh x TB mare who had had 5 years off  when her rider went to university.

Having been inspired by London 2012 I got classified for para dressage and in 2013 I began competing on Coco. I won the talent development competition (10-12 age group, and overall) at the para festival of dressage, and competed at Hickstead, the para and BYRDS Home Internationals, and the KBIS national championships.
I trained with Angela Weiss who is the squad coach to the World Class Podium Potential and Excel squads from 2013-2015.

I have been training with my mentor Sophie Wells on her amazing horses since Cocos retirement. I have been working with her since early 2013 and she is helping me to grow and develop as a rider, teaching me how to deal with everything from nerves to all aspects of training, competing, and growing up!

In October 2013 I was delighted to be given a place on the British Equestrian Federation (BEF) Excel Talent programme. In March 2014 Coco and I became the grade 3 restricted winter champions and in summer 2014 we became grade 3 restricted national champions at Hickstead para championships.

In December 2014 I was accepted onto the BEF UK Sport Lottery Funded World Class para dressage Podium Potential programme, this is an amazing opportunity for which I am very grateful.

In August 2015 Coco retired and I’m currently lucky enough to compete on one of Sophie Wells horses, Touchdown M.